We offer seminars for the following:

Young Professionals

  • Preparing for graduation
  • Networking your way to an interview
  • Determining which internships are most likely to get you where you want to be
  • Landing the job/internship when you get the interview.
  • Negotiating your way to a sweet salary – how to make more than you are worth
  • Transitioning to the land of Boomers – how to gain and keep their respect

Organizations Coping with a Multigenerational Workforce

  • Cross mentorship – can that recent graduate with no experience teach you something… can that well-seasoned curmudgeon in the next cube teach you something?
  • Networking on behalf of your company
  • Effectively working with interns – you can lighten your workload and help someone grow their career
  • How to maximize your opportunities within this company
  • Handling conflict to be the best team player you can be
  • More than a 401K and medical benefits… How to get the best new talent
  • The gold watch is gone... How to keep the young professional

High School Students

  • Getting an internship and volunteer position that will help your college application
  • Finding the right college for you
  • Selecting a major
  • Filing out your applications
  • Knocking your college interview out of the park
  • Finding scholarships
  • Having a successful first year

Experienced Professional

  • I always wanted to... Switching industries
  • Making your resume more effective
  • Network your way to more profit
  • More education, certifications, or new experience – what do you need to take the next step